leelootattoo FAQ

how do i book a tattoo appointment?

in person at folsom city ink. you can also easily book online via this page. please allow a few business days for a response. 

are tattoos available by appointment only?

we take walk-ins, too! walk-in time is extremely limited; you are strongly encouraged to book in advance. appointments are available every day EXCEPT sundays, mondays, and national holidays. appointments are booked in the order of our leelootattoo appointment queue. please reach out for updates on the most current availabilities.

how do i leave a tattoo deposit?

deposit options can all be found on this page.


can i see some examples of your work?

sure. click here

do you do cover-ups?

yes! they’re a specialty here.

what does "up for grabs" mean?

these tattoo designs are completely original leelootattoo designs. they are tattooed on a first come, first served basis... meaning they will only ever be tattooed ONCE. if you see a design that catches your eye on this page, it could be gone tomorrow...

how do i take care of my new tattoo?

please click here for our detailed instruction on tattoo aftercare. if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

what aftercare products do you recommend?

this one is our favourite lotion at the moment. and this one is our favourite bandage. check out some more aftercare methods right here.


i'm feeling a little lost. where are you located?

here's some direction.

do you do album artwork?

leelootattoo is heavily influenced by all kinds of music and the people creating it. much of our original tattoo flash is inspired by music. click here for our tattoo gallery, or here for our music-related graphic design. 

can i surprise my sister with a tattoo gift certificate for her retirement party?

sure, of course you can. if she's into that sort of thing. 

what types of tattoo ink do you use?

our inks are 100% vegan. we like to indulge in several tattoo ink companies, but our favorites are the bright intenze colors and the saturated eternal blacks and whites. 

"leeloo tattoo"? what a cute name... where does it originate?

from a little bit of orange hair dye and a big bit of The Fifth Element. (◑‿◐)

how long have you been tattooing?

since 2017.

my dog is interested in a new beach-scape painting for the wall above his doggy bed. do you…?

various paintings, drawings, prints, and other original media are posted for sale right here. you may also browse our art gallery at your leisure. (◠‿◠✿)


click here to contact us.