sophie kunert

sophie kunert | founder

drawing from life was sophie's favourite pastime as a child. she developed her rich passion for fine art throughout grade school, and began her journey at montclair state university. it was there that sophie, along with colleagues kristen martinelli and alexis johnson, founded elaion, an environmentally-conscious tattoo aftercare company. thanks to the team’s relentless research and invaluable guidance from the university’s staff, elaion flourished

not too long after this eye-opening entrepreneurial venture, sophie was drawn to the music, art, and landscape surrounding the greater sacramento, california area. she chose to embark upon a tattoo apprenticeship under darek riley in midtown sacramento.

trusted insight from family, friends, and people like you empowered sophie to make leelootattoo an ever-evolving artistic reality. thank you for coming along.

sophie kunert | 2019
graphite on tracing paper